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Why Become a Member?

Acts and innovation support to its members

The opportunity to collaborate closely with similar digital health businesses in Ireland and internationally.   Share intelligence, innovation and explore opportunities to leverage scale. Build trust and momentum within the Cluster thus enabling it to be more valuable than any existing network.

Opportunity in global landscape

Opportunity to identify global trends, face challenges and opportunities in digital health unique to Ireland and internationally.  Be part of a collective voice of influence of the strategic path of your organisation and the wider regional and / or national ecosystem.

Act as innovation support to its members 

Increase the growth and competitiveness of a cluster within a region - Support the wider Irish digital health ecosystem to be recognised as a leading international cluster and to commercialise and / or leverage the opportunities that presents.

Opportunities to leverage resources and expertise

Members can avail of opportunities to leverage resources and expertise with other digital health companies in areas such as productivity, growth and internationalisation.  This collaborate to innovate approach typically yields growth and value creation and cost reduction and strengthens joint activities among active participants.


Engaging the Quadruple Helix (Government, Academic, Healthcare, Industry) to build a robust cluster community.  Access to international Clusters, forge strategic alliances and primary markets of interest such as FR, DE, UK & USA.  Access to expertise and links in critical areas such as healthcare, clinical & regulatory, data and analytics, conferences and current publications.

Access to finance and supports

Access to finance and supports to facilitate navigation of the digital health eco-system such as government and commercial supports, fundraising, research, grants, healthcare access, technical workstreams, data analytics, clinical and regulatory compliance.  

Development and Training

Facilitate individual and team development, skills, education, and training customised to the sector.


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