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About Us

The Digital Health Industries Cluster is a network of Irish digital health enterprises focused on the sector and ecosystem. Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are the primary emphasis, however sponsored start-ups, multinationals, and other partners who help this industry are also included. The cluster has a national remit, and makes use of common local resources and aligned technology in the broad field of digital health.


The cluster establishes connections and partnerships. These partnerships operate together in areas including specialised technology and/or commercial workstreams, academic research, expertise or innovation initiatives, training and education, regulation, internationalization, and much more.

Cluster Services



Join our community to collaborate with industry leaders and explore research and developments portals



Become a part of exclusive seminars, webinars and events hosted in and around the cluster to learn about the technological innovation happening across the industry



Stay up to date with the industry and the technological advancements and innovation.


The cluster operates across Healthcare, Medtech, Pharma/Biotech and ICT sectors. Clusters actively engage the Quadruple Helix (healthcare, academic, government, sectoral support agencies, other aligned clusters and the public nationally and internationally) i.e. all aspects of the Irish digital heath ecosystem.


John Gaffney

John Gaffney is the Education and Outreach Cluster Manager based in Atlantic Technological University, Galway funded by Enterprise Ireland. John has experience in the start-up entrepreneurial ecosystem as a former BioInnovate Fellow, Freelance Consultant and start-up mentor.  John has over 25 years experience in senior leadership roles as a former Plant Manager with Hollister and RR Donnelley, Global Turnkey Solutions.  John has a passion for strategy, business and commercial excellence.  John is also a lifesciences mentor with Enterprise Ireland and The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health).

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