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Connected Health Cluster launches new eHealth Embark programme to support Digital Health startups

The six-week programme will offer technical and business supports to startups to drive healthcare innovation. The Connected Health & Wellbeing Cluster has announced a new All-Island ‘eHealth Embark’ programme which will offer early-stage digital health startups on the island of Ireland access to specialised support and development via the dConnect Digital Health Innovation Hub, the Connected Health & Wellbeing Cluster, and the ‘ICT, Health, and Ageing’ Research Centres.

The six-week programme will include hands-on guidance and support to help startups drive innovation in the healthcare industry. DkIT will provide mentoring and specialist Masterclasses ranging from customer discovery and validation, through to assessing market opportunity, and mapping funding and growth steps. Participants will have access to clinical, regulatory, funding, and business expertise to support the development of innovative product roadmaps and pathways to market. Clinical expertise will be provided by the Royal College of Surgeons Hospital Group (RCSI HG).

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