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Productivity, Growth & Internationalisaiton

Under this strategic pillar the Cluster assists members in the following areas:

  1. Grant applications such as Innovation Vouchers – Innovation Partnerships (Enterprise Ireland – accessed through the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways).

  2. Identify inter-company collaboration to innovate.  Non-competing firms within the cluster seek opportunities, synergies, alliances, and partnerships with the cluster to leverage cost, training, and expertise.


  3. Inter-company co-opetition facilitated by the cluster / cluster members – where companies may compete in end markets they can leverage innovation by collaborating upstream in terms of expertise, assets, and supply chain synergies.  A good example of this is joint tenders applications downstream and sharing assets, expertise, training or resources and upstream.


  4. ​General collaboration - Networking, introductions, meet-the-buyer, trade missions, group attendance at international conferences. (Link to the list of digital health conferences).


  5. Fundraising / Grant Writing

    • Industry-Academic research and/or fundraising (Horizon Europe, Disruptive Technology Fund Calls (DTIF), Academic calls (Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, all-island research calls).

    • Introduction to grant writing commercial and academic experts (Freelance Consultants and/or agencies/institutions).

    • Healthcare specific open calls and fundraising (Horizon Europe, Health Research Board).

  6. Productivity & Lean-Sigma Business Excellence initiatives

    • Lean expertise, resources and grant aid.

    • Agile / Scrum / Project Management.

    • Strategy, strategic planning, tactics.

    • Internal assessments & Benchmarking.

  7. Showcase and networking events and activities (Case studies, links, website, social media, facilitated introductions, webinars, podcasts).


  8. ​Internationalisation.  Primary markets of interest within Continental Europe are the United Kingdom (UK), France (FR) and Germany (DE).
    • Embassy partnerships – Lifesciences trade representatives.

    • Meet the buyer, International conferences, trade missions – liaise with in-country Enterprise Ireland offices.

    • International Cluster-to-Cluster collaboration and alliances in these target regions.

    • All island initiatives collaborate with agencies such as Inter-Trade Ireland, HIRA-NI, NHS / HSC-Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland.

    • Accessing mainland UK vis Northern Ireland and/or Scotland.

    • Healthcare collaboration and benchmarking initiatives.

    • Internationalisation webinar series.


  9. Irish Cluster Collaboration:​

    • Liaise closely with the Connected Health & Wellbeing Cluster based in Dundalk and emerging Clusters in Northern Ireland.  Areas such as the digital health Internationalisation webinar series.

    • Collaborate with Cyber Ireland on Cyber security expertise, ATIM (Technology University Shannon) on Industry4/5 and Digitisation of manufacturing.

      • Working with ATIM on a joint Executive Coaching module for members


  10. International Cluster Collaboration


  11. Liaise closely with regional and national development agencies:

    • Regionally: Galway Chamber, Western Development Commission & Údarás na Gaeltachta.

    • Nationally: Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment, Enterprise Ireland, Irish Development Authority, National clustering Policy, V-LINC, MTU Cork, The Cluster Centre. 

  12. Liaise with industry placement programs within NUIG, ATU E.G. MSc MIS&Business – Placement support.


  13. Leverage partnerships and links to national Centres of expertise in digital health:

    • Technology Gateways:

      • Medical Engineering Technology Gateway, ATU, Galway City Campus

      • WISAR ATU, Letterkenny

    • ​Science Foundation Ireland funded research centres.

      • Host Institute Research Centres (HEAL – Sligo Campus, EPIC – Castlebar).

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